Ang Rasyonalisasyon sa Piling Akda ni Macario Tiu Mula sa Lenteng Ethical Literary Criticism


  • Johnel Lumacao



Ethical selection is the only characteristic that separates man from animal. It enables man to do more things that animals cannot do, such as decision-making and rationalizing things. Using Zhenzhao's (2015) approach to ethical literary criticism, this study intends to show how the decisions made by the characters in Macario Tiu's selected works are rationalized. Selected short stories written by Macario Tiu such as "Tsuru", "Balyan", "Nanking Store", "Black Pearl", and "Ang Bata nga Dili Matulog" were used as data for the study. The paper sought to identify the many violated norms or ethical biases from characters in the ethics of society. With ethical literary criticism, the reasons for their decisions are rationalized. Hence, this paper aims to analyze and evaluate selected works of Macario Tiu using ethical literary criticism. This paper also revealed the difference between morality and ethics in analyzing characters’ actions in the selected works. Through rationalization, the character was able to stand by his/her decisions. The study shows that from the ethical selection made by each character, it can be said that each decision has an associated deep reason why it was made. Judging and rationalizing the action taken by the character is only one of the focuses of this study. On the whole, through this study, it has been proven that this approach can be used in the analysis of a literary work, especially in matters of morality and ethics.

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Lumacao, J. . (2021). Ang Rasyonalisasyon sa Piling Akda ni Macario Tiu Mula sa Lenteng Ethical Literary Criticism. Langkit : Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 10, 54–70.