About the Journal


ISSN: 2094-7380 (Print), 2783-0136 (Online)

The Mindanawan Journal of Mathematics (TMJM) is the official journal of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics of the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology, Philippines. It aims to promote research interactions between local and international researchers in mathematics education and in pure and applied mathematics. As such, the journal is devoted to publishing original research papers in mathematics education, and in all areas of pure and applied mathematics.

All submitted papers will undergo a review process before they can be accepted for publication in the TMJM.

The TMJM is a biannual journal and its issues appear at the end of May and November.

The TMJM is an open access journal and all articles are freely available online for authors and readers.



  1. The TMJM shall not accept or publish manuscripts without prior peer review. There shall be a review process of a submitted manuscript by at least one internal or external referee who is conversant in the subject area or topic. Unless a paper is of unacceptably low standard of content and presentation, submitted paper will be sent to a peer reviewer who will evaluate it and reach a decision within a two-month period. The TMJM will adopt the "double blind " review process.

  2. If a member of the editorial board happens to be an expert of the subject area being dealt with in a manuscript, then such a member can do the refereeing of the manuscript or at least give some preliminary assessment of the submission. If he or she finds the paper unsuitable for publication, then he or she may recommend to the editor-in-chief non-acceptance of the manuscript for publication in the TMJM. Should this member of the editorial board finds the manuscript suitable for publication in the journal, he or she may recommend to the editor-in-chief acceptance of the paper for publication or opt to submit the manuscript to another expert who can evaluate further the substance of the paper.

  3. It is an editorial policy to review the submitted articles as fast as possible and publish them immediately should they pass the evaluation process.

  4. Authors should strive for maximum clarity of expression when writing and submitting a manuscript. Manuscripts which are poorly written and not sufficiently substantiated (by proper methods and proofs) can only obscure the significance of the work presented.

  5. Referees are expected to treat the contents of papers with utmost care and confidentiality. Any piece of information or major result from a submitted paper should not to be disclosed to others nor be used inappropriately before publication.

  6. The editor-in-chief evaluates the recommendation of the reviewer and notifies the author of the manuscript’s status. The ultimate responsibility for any decision lies with the editor-in-chief. Generally, the editor-in chief’s decision re: acceptance or non-acceptance of a manuscript for publication in the journal will be based from the recommendation made by the referee or reviewer. The manuscript may be:

    • accepted for publication as is;

    • accepted for publication with minor changes, with no re-review necessary afterwards;

    • accepted for publication after substantial revision and additional review; or

    • rejected.

  1. The comments of the anonymous reviewer(s) will be forwarded to the corresponding author along with the decision of the editor-in chief. Should revisions are to be made, it should be noted that they must be completed and submitted within two weeks after receipt of the reviewers' comments. The journal allows a maximum of two revisions of any manuscripts. Late submission of revised manuscripts may be a ground for rejection.

  2. A paper which has been previously published or accepted for publication will not be considered for publication in TMJM.