Communist Insurgency in Manticao, 1980-1986


  • Janine Patilano
  • Cecilia Tangian



This study re-examines the history of the NPA in Manticao in 1980 to 1986. It specifically determines the factors that influenced both its formation and demise in 1986. Thirty (30) NPA returnees served as key informants of the study. They were gathered through purposive and snowball sampling techniques. In addition, the data of the study was gathered through in-depth interviews and Key Informant Interviews (KII). The findings of the study revealed that in 1980, FGU12, a NPA unit was established in Manticao. Its formation in the municipality was motivated by a Catholic priest of Irish descent. The growth of its members was influenced by the constant lectures or recruitment by one of his students, ‘ka Mario. Moreover, the military abuses in the municipality and fear from both the military and the NPA added to its growth. In the succeeding years, the members of the NPA in Manticao tremendously grew. In the latter part of 1980s, the CPP-NPA launched “Operasyon Ahos”, the anti-infiltration purge campaign against the suspected Deep Penetration Agents (DPAs) of the party. Finally, the campaign resulted in the massive death of its members all over the Philippines which resulted to their surrender.



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Patilano, J., & Tangian, C. (2024). Communist Insurgency in Manticao, 1980-1986. ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF SOCIAL INNOVATION, 36(1).